Winners at the Taunton School Maths Challenge!

Year 7 Maths Challenge

Taunton School hosted a Year 7 Maths challenge on Monday 12th June.  There were 5 secondary schools who took part, Bishop Fox’s; Chilton Trinity; Court Fields; Taunton Academy and The Castle School, each school entered 2 teams.

There were 6 different activities for them to attempt which included Turf the Field, Mental Maths, Treasure Hunt, Rush Hour, Relay and a bonus Any Time round, each activity had a 20 minute time limit for each.

The 2 teams from The Castle School were:

Evan Lang, Thomas Owen, Daisy Plowman, Sophie Richards, Seren Rodgers and Adam Wood

Max Briggs, Evelyn Maynard, Jasmin Pope, Louis Silsby, James Vestey and Sonny Wilson

The Castle School finished 1st and 3rd.

Well done to everyone who took part.



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