It is with great sadness

Dear Parents,

It is with great sadness that we heard the news of the death of one of our children, Charlie Keay in 10R.  It is always a shock when someone so young dies.

His friends will be very upset of course, and his tutor group and many of his year group but there may well be other children who are reminded of bereavements and sadness.  If you know this may affect your child, please talk to him or her and let the school know of any concerns.  We have counsellors and educational psychologists in school to provide support as well as tutors and Heads of House, etc, as usual.

I have also reminded the children that people show grief in different ways and I have asked that everyone in the school community is especially kind and gentle with each other.

Please be respectful of his family and friends and let them have the time and space to grieve in private.

I would appreciate if you were a little patient with us too while we are supporting the children and, of course, many staff will also be deeply affected.

Yours sincerely 

Mrs Watson


For anyone who may be affected, there is help in school. Please contact your child's tutor or Head of House. There are also a number of websites and helplines available; visit our SAFE website for more information:


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