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The Year 10 Computer Science students took part in the Bebras Challenge on November 9th. The UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge introduces computer science to students. It is designed to get…

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In October, students in Year 9 entered the Brunner Creative Writing Competition, organised by Richard Huish College. The brief was to write a short story with a title inspired by the charity…

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As a result of parental concerns and feedback received to date, we are hoping to change to a cashless catering system in the new year.  This would allow students to pay for their meals without the need…

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Course date: 29/11/2016

Course code: 000GITCS--29/11/16--COU

Get Into Teaching…

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Don’t envy a man his medals, all those ribbons on his chest, he did try to get them, they’re not there at his request.


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Stem Workshop

15 girls in Year 9: Georgia Smith, Grace Piper, Sophie Payne, Holly Parker, Laren Murry, Issy McInnes, Caitlin McGladdery, Myla MacCloskey, Olivia Mac Connell,…

Read more | Nov 10, 2016

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