Child Development

This is a GCSE AQA examination course.

The course provides opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required to form relevant and informed opinions about the care and development of children from   0 – 5 years, the family in the community and changing society, and health and safety issues.

Child Development focuses on the knowledge and understanding of five main areas:

  • Family units and parenthood
  • Pregnancy, birth and post natal care
  • Diet, health and care of the child
  • Development of the child 0-5 years
  • Support for the child, parents/carers and family

There are 2 Controlled Assessment Tasks to complete a Research Task in Year 10 and Child Study in Year 11. The Controlled Assessment Tasks encourage students to gain skills that will allow them to work independently.

Students will be expected to participate fully in a wide variety of interesting tasks and activities. They should be prepared to carry out independent research and be involved in the planning, completion and evaluation of practical focused tasks.

If you are thinking about going on to study Health and Social Care, Child Care, Sociology or Psychology at further education, this subject would be a good choice.

With a view to pursuing a range of interesting careers including: Nursery Nurse, Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Nurse, Midwife, Dietician, Doctor, Paediatrician, Play Therapist, Social Worker, Speech Therapist and a Health Visitor.

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