May I take this opportunity to remind you that school uniform is an important standard at The Castle and we would appreciate if you made sure that trousers, skirts and shoes meet that standard – that is no Lycra skirts or trousers, or jeans, or anything stretchy or clingy. Skirts must be purchased from the school and worn on the knee and and shoes must be black leather or leather-type (please see our ‘suitable footwear’ page for more specific guidance and clarity, with examples of what is and is not acceptable.




SUITABLE FOOTWEAR - The Castle School – September 2021


PLAIN BLACK SHOES – with a proper sole, low heel with sufficient support by not being cut too low along the instep and proper grip at the heel. Shoes must fit firmly.  Shoes should be traditional, smart, leather or leather type. Footwear that is canvas is not permitted as well as obvious trainer style.

Suitable footwear


Boots, canvas shoes, thin ballet pumps without a proper sole are not acceptable. These types of footwear are prohibited as they are not smart or professional in the school environment and do not match the criteria set out above. 


Brand-specific information:

Trainer-type shoes are permitted as long as they are plain black with no tags on the laces. Footwear that is leather or leather-type and all black are permitted.

PE Kit

A reminder also, all students must wear either PE shorts, or skorts if they prefer, purchased from the school. Refusal to wear uniform correctly is defiance of school rules and will be sanctioned accordingly. If you have any trouble trying to persuade your teenager that it is not the case that 'everyone else wears them’, please do not hesitate in giving us a call. We are always happy to help however we can.



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Please make sure your child has appropriate footwear for the astro. More detail here.

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