Education Places for Ukrainian Refugee Families

For more information for Ukrainian refugee families on applying for a school place or childcare, please click the link below:


How do families arriving from Ukraine apply for a school place and childcare?


Transferring School – September 2022 – Year 7 Admissions

To apply to transfer to secondary school, please complete the online form through Somerset County Council.

Key Dates:

· Online form opened on 13 September 2021

· Deadline date for applications was 31 October 2021. If you need to make a late application, please visit Somerset County Council’s website (above).

· Outcome emails will be sent on 1 March 2022 (if you applied online) for applications received by 31 October 2021.

In-Year Admissions

Please contact Julie Gregory at the school on (01823) 274073 or email:

To make an in-year admission application, please follow the link below:


In-Year Application Form

Applications will be considered by Governors and you will be notified of the outcome of your application within 10 school days of receipt of the form.


If you live in the Wellington area, we advise you to contact Court Fields School, our sister-school under The Castle Partnership Trust, to discuss the possibility of an in-year admission for your son/daughter. Tel: (01823) 664201 or email:

In-Year Appeals Procedure

We currently employ the services of Somerset County Council to process appeals and hold independent Appeals Panels on our behalf. For details about the appeals procedure please contact Somerset County Council’s Admissions Team.

The timetable

National Offer Day: 1 March 2022

It’s important that you read the School Admission Appeals Booklet before you fill in the appeal form.


Either complete the appeal form online or download and complete the paper form and ensure it is received by 29 March 2022. Appeals will be heard as soon as reasonably practicable and we aim to do this within 40 school days of this date wherever possible.

  • You will receive at least 14 days’ notice of your appeal hearing, unless you want to waive this right by ticking the appropriate box on the appeal form.
  • You must send any additional evidence before the final deadline, which is 7 days before the appeal hearing. The panel will decide whether to consider at the hearing any information or evidence received after that date.
  • Decision letters will be sent within 7 days of the hearing.


For applications received after 31 October 2021 but before 21 March 2022, outcomes will be sent on 3 May 2022 and appeal forms must be received by 7 June 2022. Appeals will be heard as soon as reasonably practicable and we aim to do this within 40 school days wherever possible.


For applications received after 21 March, the appeal will be heard as soon as reasonably practicable and we aim to do this within 30 school days of receipt of the appeal form wherever possible. This follows the same timetable as in-year appeals.


Contact the School Appeal Co-ordinator at


Admission Arrangements

The Castle Partnership Trust has amended the Admission Arrangements for its schools to reflect the changes to the Admissions Code, which came into effect on 1 September 2021. Please click on the links below to see the school’s Admission Arrangements.


2021 - 22 Admission Arrangements

2022 - 23 Admission Arrangements

2023 - 24 Admission Arrangements


Catchment Area To view the catchment area, please click here

Prospectus If you would like to see the school's prospectus, please click here