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If you have a safeguarding concern about yourself or a student at The Castle School, you can email

As parents/carers and students, you know how seriously we take student safety and welfare. There is concern nationally relating to a culture of misogyny and sexual harassment in many schools and the DfE and Ofsted are reviewing school procedures. We would like to think that students would come to us but understand that may not always be the case. The government has set up a helpline for anyone wishing to report abuse or seek support - the number is 0800 136 663on Monday to Friday 8am - 10pm, or 9am - 6pm at weekends. Or by email at

Information and support for parents and carers in relation to help with their children and online sexual behaviours, including harassment and abuse can be found here: 

The things I wish my parents had known


Need help and support? Click here for more information about the help that is available to you in and out of school.

Online resources ...

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Social Media Addiction Staying Safe Online
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