Headteacher’s Welcome

It is always exciting for children starting a new school and we look forward to welcoming our new students to The Castle School.  It is important to make the transfer between schools successful and positive for everyone and we are here to help.


We pride ourselves on the friendliness of the school and the close relationship between staff and students.  It is very much a family ethos we foster here and we believe that our school should be open at all times to the scrutiny by parents of current and future students.


The Castle School has established an enviable record of academic success over many years and has been the recipient of several awards in recognition of this.  It is not an exaggeration to say that we lead the way in many areas of ecudational achievement nationally.  We are equally proud of the varied and vibrant extra-curricular life of our school which enriches the experience of our students.


The enhancement of the school's reputation has inevitably led to growth in student numbers and it is a very busy and lively place.  It is even more important therefore, never to lose sight of the individuality of each student and the Houses,Balmoral, Buckingham, Caernarvon, Lancaster, Sandringham and Windsor, play an important part in ensuring that no child is invisible at The Castle School.  The Houses give students a strong sense of inclusion and a confidence which helps them to meet the challenges of the wider world when they leave us.  Many of our students join the House that their siblings belong to and this strengthens the strong sense of family and tradition that we engender at the school.


Should you wish to find out more about the school, please do come along to one of our Open Mornings.  We would be delighted to show you around and answer any questions.  We are looking forward to you and your child becoming part of our success.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Sarah Watson